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Subdivision Plat Submittals:

A $200 fee is charged for reviewing all Subdivision Plats that are submitted to the District for official  approval. A $100 fee is charged for all Subdivision Plats that are submitted for re-signature only.

1. Plats need to contain the following language:

This Plat is hereby approved by the Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 2 on this, the ________ day of _______ 20__.

No improvements of any kind (including without limitation, trees, fences, and buildings) shall be placed upon Hidalgo County Irrigation District #2 rights of ways or easements.

    ______________________                             ATTEST___________________ 
            President                                                                    Secretary

2. Designate on the plat the location of all District easements. Unless owned in fee title by the District and described by metes and bounds, the District's easements are normally as follows:

      CANALS:  The canal as constructed down to the bottom of the toe of the bank on either side.
DRAINAGE DITCHES:  The physical ditch plus 25 feet on either side
PIPELINES: Thirty (30) foot easements, which are fifteen (15) feet  either way from the center line of the pipeline.

3. Copy of Warranty Deed if ownership is different than District's records.

4. Flat Rate needs to be current.

5. Plat should show the starting point in relation to the Subdivisions shown on the  District map.

6. Along with the original Subdivision Plat submit a paper copy.

7. If the Subdivision is to be excluded from the District a petition for exclusion can be downloaded here.