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About the District

Hidalgo County Irrigation District No.2 (HCID2 or the  "District") is a political subdivision of the state of Texas operating under the provisions of Chapter 58, Title 4 of the Texas Water Code and Article XVI, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution.

The primary purposes of the District are to supply an adequate, reliable source of water for irrigation, municipal, industrial and domestic uses, and to afford drainage insofar as reasonably possible to the lands located within the District boundaries. The District will strive at all times to pump and deliver water as timely and efficiently as possible to its patrons, and will cooperate in rendering any other service which it is authorized to render.

The existing works of the District consist of a river pumping plant from which water is transported 7 miles in an oversized earthen canal along the West side of the District to a relift pumping station located on South 2nd. Street in McAllen. The District's system has 46 miles of earthen canals, 21 miles of lined canals and 227 miles of concrete pipelines for a total of 294 miles of waterway. There are 74 miles of open drainage ditches and 80 miles of underground drainage pipeline. Privately owned field drains within the District are estimated at 260 miles.


Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 2 was originally created as a water improvement district by order of the Commissioners' Court of Hidalgo County, Texas on April 26, 1920. The district at the time of its organization acquired the assets of Louisiana-Rio Grande Canal Company. The establishment of the district was confirmed and approved by the qualified electors at an election held for said purpose on June 26, 1920. In 1925 the required number of land owners within the district boundaries filed with the board of Directors petitions requesting that an election be held to authorize changing the district to a conservation and reclamation district, An election was held on December 12, 1925. On December 17, 1925 at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors the votes were canvassed and the Board found that the election changing the district into a conservation and reclamation district had carried. On November 1, 1935, Hidalgo County Water Improvement District No. 2 was converted into a water control and improvement district operating under the provision of Article XVI, Section 50 of the Texas Constitution. On April 17, 1980 the district was converted into an irrigation district operating under the provisions of Chapter 58, Title 4 of the Texas Water Code and Article XVI, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution, and its name was changed to Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 2.